Why Does Businesses Need Call Tracking Platform? 

Call tracking platform is a new-age business term being applied and used widely to denote tracking of calls made by customers to the specific pay per call networks marketing campaign that had been undertaken by a certain business. Even at advanced ages certain businesses are not very pleased with this proven strategy basically due to the lack of knowledge.  


As per statistical data, 43% conversions from searches result in phone calls. Among the lot, 65% business stamp phone calls to be important. Hence these businesses as well as Google AdWords require means to track down important calls and find their origin. Understanding the exact origin help the company target better on those campaigns and decide where to invest in marketing.  


There is software that helps with tracking. They come with other facilities such as call blocking, interactive voice response system, call routing and much more. The choice is yours based on your requirement and budget.  

September 14, 2017

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